This October 17-18, over 300 top college hackers in the northwest will gather at the HUB to build the next generation of innovative software and hardware hacks.


Only students who have applied and have been accepted can submit projects.


Any software or hardware hack is welcome. Please add a description of what the hack is, add a link, video, screenshots etc that can go along.

Hackathon Sponsors


#1 Place

$500 from Qumulo
Arduino Kit
Leap Motion
Leap Motion VR Mount
Zero to One book
Thalmic Myo
Sphero subscription
Paid trip to Facebook HQ to compete in Facebook hackathon finals
Pebble Watch

#2 Place

Arduino Kit
Leap Motion
RC Helicopter subscription

#3 Place

Arduino Kit
Electric Airplane subscription

Best use of Mashery APIs

Parrot AR jumping drones

Best use of Intel technology

Basis Fitness Watches

Best use of Mojio API

Mojio devices

Best use of Zillow API

Beats Headphones

Best use of Twilio API

Custom action figures

Best Micosoft Hack (OneNote API, Cortana API, Windows 8 App, Windows Phone, Azure)

Dell Venue Pro 8, Nokia 1520

Best use of Sendgrid

PowerUp 3.0, Pocket Microscope, Capacative Touch Gloves, Charge Card, Lab Coat

Best use of Leap Motion

Leap Motions

Best use of Myo

Thalmic Myo's

Best use of Data (New Relic)

Go Pro (1)

Best Use of WhitePages API

Google Chromecast

Best branded domain name

$250 NameCheap Credit across the TEAM (TBA)

Best Use of Dropbox API

500 GB of storage to each member of the team

Best Use of Slice API

Trip to Stanford

Best Use of Google API

LG G Watches

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    Is the hack practical? Is it something people would actually use? Does it fulfill a real need people have?
  • Originality
    Is the hack more than just another generic social/mobile/local app? Does it do something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Is the hack technically interesting or difficult? Is it just some lipstick on an API, or were there real technical challenges to surmount?
  • Polish / Design
    Is the hack usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?

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