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over 5 years ago

One hour to submit (and more important details)

Hey everyone, just a reminder that submissions close in an hour. Important:

1) Make sure all of your teammates have created ChallengePost accounts so you can add them to your submission and not scramble at the last minute.

2) Make your submissions look good, with images, detailed tags of every technology you used, descriptions of what your app does and anything cool technically that you did or learned, and even a video if you can swing it.

3) Also, if you used an API or platform that makes you eligible for a Sponsor prize, select the relevant onesĀ on the Sponsor Prizes section of the submission form. Speaking of which, the Mojio and Ziggeo APIs were just added to the submission form now so if you use either of them, make sure to select them on your submission form. If you did use them and have already submitted, you can edit your submission until the deadline.